About Us

GALAXXY FOOD s.r.o. is a leading oriental food producer in Europe.

Our journey started back in 2009 when we noticed the lack of premium oriental food products in Europe. We opened a chain of oriental food shops in Prague under “Galaxy Food” business name. We started noticing that the demand on oriental food products is on the rise. We decided to address this by establishing the first oriental food production line in the Czech Republic.

Utilizing the latest technology and strict quality measurements we brought the first food portfolio of its kind in Europe. Some oriental food dishes like “KIBBE” were known to be only home made, since it is complicated and almost impossible to automate the production process. With our commitment and determination we made this possible, we took the challenge and made those food products available despite all the difficulties.


What Differentiate us from others

  • Our unique portfolio of added-value food products
  • Our management team's extensive knowledge and experience
  • Our integrated business model
  • Our expansion in Europe and Middle East through a number of food production projects




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Trpoměchy 42, 27401 Slaný

Czech Republic

GPS: 50° 14' 57.0" N, 14° 03' 40" E

Phone: +420 777 530 326

Email: info@galaxyfood.eu